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Michael’s writing career started with daily blogging for his rock band Pillar for many years while they were out on the road touring. Then he carried on his love for writing when his fitness career took off. Michael’s training, nutrition, and lifestyle articles have been published 50+ times in international fitness magazines such as Iron Man Magazine, Train, Muscle & Fitness, and many others. His articles have been published in fitness magazines on a monthly basis since 2019. “It was amazing to see my articles translated in Japanese for several international editions of Iron Man Magazine”, said Michael. 


Michael’s fitness writing career was foreshadowed back in June 1992 when Flex Magazine published a photo and a small inspiration paragraph written by a 15 year old Wittig. Two of Michael’s early bodybuilding inspirations, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo, graced the cover of that June 1992 issue of Flex.

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