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Michael Wittig is a lifetime natural pro athlete and  29x pro champion in Men’s Physique, Sports Model, and Classic Physique. He earned pro cards in both Men’s Physique and Classic Physique back in June of 2017 at the age of 39 going on to win his first Pro competition the following week. He has gone on to win the coveted titles of Master World Champion and is a 2x Natural Olympia champion. In 2023 Michael made a historic 17 competition run competing in 5 organizations and winning 22 titles. Ten of the events were PNBA where he competed in 3-5 classes per event. He finished the 2023 season as a 29x natural pro champion at age 47. He is currently enjoying a long offseason and building muscle to return to the pro stage at age 50 focusing on Classic Physique and Bodybuilding. 


Michael has published 14 ebook trainers for men and women of all-ages and goals. Choose from his 6 free programs or his legacy programs that have been featured in countless international fitness magazines

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